8 things a complete no-no to do with your sunscreen

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1. You don’t apply enough.

Shots, shots, shots, shots! Break out that shot glass from your liquor cabinet and take a good, hard look. That’s the amount you need to be applying to your body—yes, your entire body. And don’t forget your face. That pretty mug of yours only requires about a nickel amount. If you use less, it doesn’t *necessarily* mean you’ll burn, but it does mean you’re not getting all the benefits labeled on that SPF bottle of yours. So just give your body the drink it needs, okay?

2. You skimp on reapplying.

Doing it once is not enough. You need to reapply the same amount as above after you take a dip, excessively sweat, or if it’s been more than two hours since you’ve applied. And quick heads up: “Water resistant” is not the same thing at “waterproof.” You still have to reapply after you…

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