How to Maintain Individuality When Fashion Trends Saturate The Market.


main.original Backstage at Chloe 2015.

The fashion industry is a multi-billion dollar business that celebrates art, creativity and self-expression while providing millions of jobs around the world. However not all fashion is accessible to all people. Runway shows are not where the majority of us order our seasonal wardrobes from. Analysis by taste makers, fashion editors and now even top-tier fashion bloggers dictates what retailers will design for or sell to the masses. It is business and trends are no a coincidence.

PUC0657.450x675 On the runway at Celine

Case study: High fashion interpretations of Birkenstocks-like sandals were all over the runways two years ago as seen above at Celine. The classic, comfort, anti-fashion symbol was emerging as a new trend. In fact the trend coined the descriptive fashion term “pretty-ugly”. How could something so disdained by the fashion elite become what every trend conscious lady wanted to wear? (Guilty as charged. You…

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