The beauty of the unknown exists beyond the confines of that nest… (Multi-Photo)


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When we are young, we are like fledglings, depending on the those who are more mature to help us to do well and survive.  However, at some point, we (if we are to really soar in life) have to leave the nest.  As human beings, many of us never actually leave the nest; we continue to depend.  We cling to the ideologies, patterns, religions, politics, traditions, and habits imprinted upon us by others; and so we never really independently soar.  Most of us “feel safe,” nested in their ways and traditions.  For human beings, however, true enlightenment is never merely within the circumscribed confines of a limited, little nest (or prepared space).  Most of us are afraid to take the plunge, to let go of all the habits and traditions that we have been nesting in.  Most merely cling to symbols, words, representations, ideologies, and learned concepts of (and including)…

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