Blue Floral

Mommy's Little Twin

Blue Floral
Surprise, surprise. Another set with floral in it. I do love my florals. But after this, I’m going to try my best to refrain from them just because I know I use them too much. It’s just so easy to find florals everywhere you look and it’s just too pretty to pass up. Anyway, this set is a little different just because for the Mommy version, I included two shirt options. Mostly because I couldn’t decide which of the two was a better match. But it goes to show that when you’re picking out matching outfits, there’s so many ways you can go. The Mommy shirt on the left matches the Little Twin shirt a lot more in color while the one on the right matches more in cut and style. So either way, people are going to notice your cuteness wherever you two decide to go together in these…

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